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Invite Us to Your Organisation
Bring the Magic of Music and Movement to Your Setting

At Well Minds Together, we believe that every organisation can benefit from the joy and connection brought about by our Music and Movement workshops. Whether you’re a school, a care home, a community centre, or any other setting that cares for and supports children and their families, we are ready to bring our transformative workshops to you.

Benefits of Hosting Our Workshops:

Tailored Experiences: We customise our workshops to fit the specific needs and characteristics of your group, ensuring that every session is perfectly aligned with your goals and the needs of your participants.

Convenience: By hosting our workshop at your location, you reduce logistical challenges and make it easy for your staff, children, and their caregivers to participate.

Community Building: Our workshops not only serve individual participants but also strengthen community ties, fostering a supportive network that extends beyond the session itself.

How It Works:

Consultation: Contact us to set up an initial consultation where we discuss your needs, the size of the group, and any specific requirements or goals you have for the workshop.

Scheduling: We work with you to choose the best dates and times that fit your organisation’s schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

Implementation: Our skilled facilitators will arrive at your location with all necessary materials, ready to deliver a high-quality, engaging, and beneficial experience for all attendees.

Get Started Today:

Invite Well Minds Together to your organisation and witness firsthand the positive impact of our Music and Movement workshops. To discuss the possibilities and plan your event:

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