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Welcome to Hackney Therapy

Dr. Natalie V. Bailey’s private practice is located at Hackney Therapy on Kingsland Road, E8, an environment designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Our therapeutic space is thoughtfully arranged to ensure that each session provides the confidentiality and calm needed for effective therapy.

Modern and Welcoming Environment

Hackney Therapy is known for its modern, bright rooms that create a soothing atmosphere conducive to openness and reflection. Each space is sound-insulated, ensuring that all conversations remain private and uninterrupted.

Conveniently Located

Our practice is ideally situated within easy reach of Haggerston and Dalston overground stations, making it accessible for clients from various parts of the city. The surrounding area is vibrant, with local restaurants, schools, churches, and a mosque, allowing you to combine your therapy sessions with other activities or commitments you may have.

Future Associates

As Well Minds Together grows and welcomes new associates, we are committed to maintaining high standards for our therapeutic environments across all locations. This dedication ensures that no matter where you meet with our therapists, the space will be conducive to healing and personal growth.

Visit Us

If you are considering beginning your therapeutic journey with Dr. Natalie V. Bailey, or any of our future associates, we invite you to visit our practice to see the space for yourself. We believe that a therapeutic environment is an integral part of the healing process, and we are here to make your experience as comfortable and supportive as possible.

Address: Hackney Therapy, Kingsland Road, E8.

Accessibility: Easily accessible by public transportation with nearby amenities to enhance your visit.We look forward to welcoming you to our therapeutic space and supporting you on your journey towards personal development and well-being.

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